Advanced Billing, Advanced Deposit AR - multiple payments

Does anyone have a good procedure on doing Advance Billing, Advanced Deposits when you might have terms like 50% to start work, 30% due before shipping, Balance Net 30.

Do you do the invoices up front? Do you use a dashboard?

We are not doing good in this area.

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We use the Deposit Invoice when we are requesting a customer to give a down payment to start an order. I’ve had a couple of cases where a 2nd deposit was required and what I did was create that deposit invoice at the same time just with a different due date.

Terms can be set up with multiple payments (see Epicor help for Terms>Number of Payments). The default will divide the payments equally and space them out equally. However, in invoice entry, before posting, you can modify the payment schedule to the amounts and due dates you choose. Search for the “Oddball Sales Terms” post in this group for more details. A word of caution, in our version 9.05.701 there was a bug in the aging report that didn’t report the outstanding 3rd payment. We did get a one-off from Epicor support to resolve this (SCR 123372).

I solved my problem by writing a BPM on the CashDtl. It has the AR Invoice number but, not the Sales Orders.

I am now able to take the Order Total and add Deposit Payments and Invoice Payments - now we know how much cash is due by Sales Orders.

Our terms are highly customized. From a very high view … We have a UD table that contains the terms for the specific order. This includes descriptions, due dates and amounts. Then we have an updatable dashboard that displays all of the orders with “custom terms” along with the detail of the terms. A checkbox is available to invoice on the dashboard. When the checkbox to invoice is checked, service connect will add a deposit invoice to invoice entry and add the invoice # to the dashboard. From there we invoice and post as normal.

Additionally we have a report that shows all orders with customized terms and where we are at in the progression of the billings.

I have a customer with 2 orders and therefore 2 deposit invoices. Upon shipping we are unable to post one of the deposit invoices in order to ship and have a $0 balance on shipping invoice. Can you have 2 deposit invoices for the same customer?

Yes, we have created 2 deposit invoices for the same customer.

But you are indicating that you are unable to post a deposit invoice. What error are you getting that it won’t post?

I’m not getting an error message. The group disappears when I post but when I go back to look at my groups- it’s still there. I am not getting a review journal either.

Do you have a dollar amount on it?


So to reiterate your steps:

New Group

New Deposit Billing

Enter Sales Order No

Go to Line>Deposit – Enter dollar amount


If these are the steps you are taking and it’s not posting, you may want to create a case.

We don’t post until money is received. This is a situation where the customer has 2 orders and therefore 2 deposit invoices. I can’t test now because we deleted one of the deposit invoices due to need to move on. I was going to check to see if there was an error in the order number and accidentally created 2 deposit invoices for the same order. Thank you for your help.