Advanced UOM Inventory Attributes

Does anyone know where these table fields are?


The are in the PartTran table

I did see them there…There is an inventory attributes on part tracker. I was hoping this was a table. So for me to do a BAQ to get the total number of pieces on hand with attributes it wouldn’t be easy.

I think it is the DynAttrValueSet. But not 100%

I would suggest that you look at linking Part Tran to parts where you are tracking those attributes, filter by on hand quantity and then sum up the results - so a multi-level BAQ

Here’s my first attempt. The issue I’m seeing is that the number of pieces aren’t subtracted when qty is reduced in inventory.


JDJ-AdvUOM.baq (31.0 KB)

You need to create calculated fields for the Part Tran transaction types that take things out of stock as all values in this table are positive.

hmm…I guess this will be an Epicor Idea request to handle number of pieces like the tran qty. Or just handle this the same way as PartBin and store it there.