Advice - where to put "last refresh time"?

I am back on this SharePoint project, where I update a List with a Flow.

I wanted to ask for some generic advice about design aesthetic.

As part of the Flow that updates the List, I want to let the users know the last date/time that the list was updated.

But where to put this info?

I could put it in a column of the list. That would work today, because I refresh the whole list everyday. But soon/eventually, I will only update the changed rows. So even if it “updates” regularly, it could look like it hadn’t been touched in weeks.

I’d love it to be in the title of the list, but that’s apparently the primary key of the list, so no go there.

I thought, maybe as a “post” in the accompanying SharePoint site, but I don’t see how to create a SharePoint news post from a Flow.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Nothing too intelligent, though.

EDIT - The other thought I had was to make another “list” of one row and one column: [List Last Updated On] and put that on the home page. Pretty lame, but the Flows don’t seem to have a ton of access to modifying things in SharePoint. Why?

Should be built-in field. Go to Site Contents for your site, go to setting for your list, and see the fields. I believe every SharePoint item has Created, Modified, Created By, and Modified By fields.

Just add the fields to your View.

@Mark_Wonsil Well, I didn’t even think of that, so that’s good to know.

But I still want the users to know - even when nothing has changed - that the list has been “updated” - or really, “verified” might be a better word: that the Flow checked for updates and maybe found nothing, but it’s still up-to-date info.