AES/EEI Filing DIY with QuickShip/Manifest or using Shipper

Hello all,

Quick question: we have Manifest (going to QuickShip soon), and for our outside shipments over $2500 we have the option to set up our own AES/EEI filing in Manifest. We also have the option to use the services of UPS/FEDEX/And Others, at a slight upcharge per ship. Is there a big advantage for them to provide this for us? Or would it be better to use Manifest for this? I am not sure what we lose when doing this in Manifest, as we haven’t ran through a complete International ship yet…



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Reach out to the Quick Ship team on this, they were trying to add some automation to the AES filing. It was somewhat manual when it was first introduced.

Paul, Were you successful in filing through QuickShip? We are getting ready to move from Manifest as well. We used to be able to do our AES/EEI through manifest until the Gov. site was upgraded. I am hoping we will be able to once again do this through QuicShip.

Still working on rolling this out as soon as we are live on kinetic. The hardest part so far is to find an SME that can articulate the functionality and the required setup to the users. I will update the conversation as I am learning (since nobody internally is stepping up).

Any updates on this?