After Upgrade to 2022 -- Access Not Allowed on UD Form Kinetic Customizations

Hey there,

We upgraded from 2021.2.8 to 2022.1:

Where I’ve applied customization layers on UD forms (both single and parent/child) I’m getting the following message when running the app:


Here’s an odd thing. If I copy that menu to a new menu and take off the customization, then the customized menu runs okay. But then if I delete the uncustomized menu I get the error again.

Other customized forms like the Kinetic versions of Customer and Order Entry don’t seem to be affected.

What’s the deal, Lucille?



Maybe @hmwillett has seen it

I have not seen that.

Error showing issue coming from security id. Can you try to give a different security id and check the same menu?

I’ve created dummy menu items for all my UD forms, with no customization applied, and they seem to work.

We’ll get another upgrade befor go-live. Maybe that will fix it.


HI All
the issue is bigger than that and appears to be due to any diversion from the stock security groups which is necessary if you have some users on kinetic and some not as we do. This is a major bug which breaks the shortcut icons, you will find all forms work fine if you access from the tree just not from the desktop icons. if you get an access denied simply refreshing the page lets you in as it should. there is something fundamentally wrong with the security on the home screen icons. BTW i am on the latest 2022 release to fix an even bigger security mess in 2021. I will be reporting to Epicor first thing in the morning.