AgedPayables - Email received EVERY TWO MINUTES

Yes, you did read the correct. EVERY TWO MINUTES I and an alias email are receiving an aged payables report that was run either this morning or last evening.

There was a system agent task to run weekly and email from the report that would email to the alias and cc: me. This was done right through the report and not through advanced print routing.

Epicor ICE and Epicor task agents were stopped and started this morning around 9a for another issue. Since that time, even after deleting ANY related AP agents this same report has been being emailed every two minutes without fail.

I looked in SQL and there is nothing in ice.MailQueue and there is nothing in the system monitor scheduled or active.

This is bordering on a nightmare! Any thoughts?

Here was how it was set up:

In fact, I received it only four times while drafting this email. Send help!

There is probably a bunch of backed up emails in the BpActionQueue or the email queue tables


Found that BpActionQueue and that is empty too!

As is the MailQueue

This is still going. We rebooted SQL, App server, it’s not in email. Not advanced print routing. I can’t imagine it’s backed up since it’s regenerating. The report is the same but there are different time stamps in the PDF. Does that offer anything. It’s not an up-to-date run as the most recent run is many pages less.

I am getting a little desperate.

Is it possible another user submitted it? If you go into your system monitor and display all tasks, does it show anything from someone else?

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I did check to see from all users and there is nothing. I did submit this to EpicCare to see what they might have to say. There was something like 235 this morning in my inbox…and they keep on coming.

It is the most unusual thing. As noted to support, we have checked:
SystemMonitor - no active reports for anyone, no scheduled for anyone
SystemAgent - deleted AP_Ageings task that this was tied to
BpActionQueue - no rows
ice.MailQueue - no rows
ice.MailBody - no rows
ice.MailBodyAttach - no rows
task agent - still run when not turned on
checked PROD, PILOT, TEST it is not in any database

We rebooted SQL, Epicor and the app server.

We checked the alias that is sending this out there is NOTHING in the queue that is visible

Check systask table is it showing the tasks there?

Also, to save your sanity a little bit, maybe add a rule in Outlook (or whatever mail client) to automatically delete those emails. LOL


BOOM problem fixed!! lol


That would be great, however, I actually want to be able to receive this in the future. I can certainly make a rule specific enough to go ahead and address this problem. I am just trying to get to the root of the problem as well to insure that I am not repeatedly making rules. It’s kinda like my kid not wanting to listen to me. LOL rolls eyes

Did you see if the Tasks show in the SysTask table?

I see that it was in there, it appears completed.

What do you have in

SELECT * FROM Ice.MailQueue

I wonder if its coming from PRD, perhaps its coming from your TEST or DEV Environments? The only other thing that comes to mind is that it was queued on your SMTP Server and that they are being released now, your IT Department should be able to see the Mail Log on Office 365 portal or SMTP, even Barracuda (if you have such appliance).

I checked all environments.
Each of the following have 0 records:

IT dept is external, I spoke with them last night. It is going through SMTP server to an alias email. I have Admin rights, but they are not seeing anythign in Office 365 portal either.

What if you go to Company Maintenance and temporarily change the SMTP Server put in an extra character, or the wrong port - does it stop then…

After that, review the SMTP Server specified in Company Maintenance – see if it shows a Queue, in most cases it wont be office365 but perhaps an internal SMTP Server, SMTP Relay, perhaps IIS out-of-the-box one.

If it stops after you put in a wrong SMTP Server, then we can work on tracing which BPM or Process is Sending them from Epicor also your Ice.MailQueue and Ice.BpActionQueue tables would start piling up then if there is such process.

Was on the phone with support. It’s definitely a record stuck somewhere. They cannot find it. Task Agent service off it stops…that’s it.

I change the SMTP server and it was still sending.

That is strange indeed especially if you see nothing in your

  • Ice.BpActionQueue
  • Ice.BpActionQueueData
  • Ice.MailQueue
  • Ice.ReportRuleStyle

Because the Agent merely processes that…

Along with Tasks:

SELECT * FROM Ice.SysTask;
SELECT * FROM Ice.SysAgentTask;

I wonder if your Emailing was setup on the SSRS Server and you need to look for a “Generate Only” Task.

Anyways let us know, what it was when you resolve. Unless you have a BPM that sends email as async:false whenever a AP Record is updated, but then again to be precise every X Minutes, scratches that off as a possibility.

Are you sure its not coming from Test, Train Pilot etc? I had this happen (something similar) and after much searching I realized the stupid thing was coming from a 3rd appserver.

Yes, looked at each environment. turning off task agent for all it stops. run it with only one running at a time only occurs when on production environment.

Anything in these tables? Can you post the results

SELECT * FROM Ice.SysAgentSched
SELECT * FROM Ice.SysAgentTask
SELECT * FROM Ice.SysTask where TaskStatus NOT IN ('COMPLETE', 'ERROR', 'CANCELLED')
SELECT * FROM Ice.MailQueue
SELECT * FROM Ice.BpActionQueue

Also turn off all System Agents except production
then open TaskAgentService.exe.config file and turn on logging to ALL

Then restart the task agent service (with only the produciton task agent running)
Then open AppServer.config in the Epicor App Server which is your system agent is pointing to and enable tracing on these flags

Then… see what all that says… (Including your System Agent Log in ${ALLUSERSPROFILE}/Epicor Software Corporation/ICE TaskAgent Service/Logs/log-file.txt

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