Aint gonna lie, I'm kind of proud of this one

This is intended as a parody. Still needs some work, but I am quite pleased with the early versions.


Just asked Haso yesterday afternoon if there was anything new out by MC Data Directive! Love it Chris!

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But really it’s mostly Chris Conn. love that little line

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It’s about time. No, wait. That’s mostly Chris Cron.

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@Mark_Wonsil well it sure makes sense on many levels.

Are we sure it isnt Chris Corn?


Can’t wait to see you in this form at insights.

Are you 100% sure?

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This just made my day

I was impressed with the first post.

The rest, well, I’m not sure what I just witnessed.

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Top left looks like a good profile picture per @hasokeric

I can’t wait to unsee all of that.

Where’s my eye bleach at?

Kids Puppies GIF

That’s better.

Chris Corn!!!

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That’s Colonel Chris Corn to you.


Been hanging out with @Mark_Wonsil ?

The Wonz. :sunglasses::+1:t2::+1:t2:

He’ll fix your Epicor by smacking the side of your server.

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Or pull out the wire, blow on it, and plug it back in???

Video Game Nintendo GIF by IFHT Films

While saying … “Aaaaaay!”

I love this more than I should.

the best wow GIF by Doctor Who