Alavara Tax Connect down?

Yah, I just got the fix from them too.  It is basically a batch file that somewhat simplifies the same process I described earlier.  Interesting, I would have thought their fix would be to just get a different SSL certificate - probably would have saved them a lot of time they are now going to be spending on the phone helping customers who don't have a technical person on staff.

Adam Nofsinger
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Epicor's fix incorrectly assumes that OpenEdge is installed on the C: drive.  We have OpenEdge installed on the D: drive.  I received 'cannot find the file' errors.  I believe the errors relate to the commands that were making copies of the cacerts file before importing the new cert.  Make sure you take your own backups of the cacert files in the jre\lib\security folder described in previous posts.  Otherwise, the certs do appear to import correctly and I can now connect to Avalara.

Bob Beaghan