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Sorry, I don't know anything about specifying fields into the global alert.
I know you can add to the standard system message, but that's it. I'd try
Vantage Support.

If you have the correct software (Winfax?), you can now fax things such as
PO's and Open Order reports. I'd also ask about the expansion of this

Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck.

Amy MacKay

Message: 10
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 08:41:45 -0500
From: George Brockman II <gbrockman@...>
Subject: RE: reply: Vantage - Report Builder Question

Amy MacKay
Parkinson Machinery wrote:
Do you know you can setup an automatic email alert to the customer upon

You must have all 3 of the following conditions satisfied:

1. A Global Alert is set up in Vantage to send an automatic message when an
Order has been shipped (marked "Ready to Invoice").

2. An Order is marked to "Alert on Shipment".

3. The Customer "Ship To Contact" (not the Customer Contact) has an email
address filled in, and that particular Ship To Contact person is listed in
the "Attn" box under Ship To address in the Sales Order.

This works like a charm, but to take it one step further?Is there a way to
edit the pre-defined fields in the global alert. Two additional pieces of
information would be extremely beneficial: (1) Customer P.O. # (2) Packing
Slip Comments (we use this to enter the tracking numbers and any special
shipping instructions. These things should be fairly easy to add, since they
are on the packing slip. Of course this is all theory; I think I'm hanging
around engineers too much!!

As an alternative (pipe dream) why not have the option to e-mail a copy of
the packing slip to the contact, after all it has all the information that
we are talking about. Hmmm?

George Brockman II
Gasket Engineering