Alert When Deleting Order That Has A Job

Is it possible to have Epicor give an alert if someone tries to delete an Order that has an open Job attached to it? We have a user who says Epicor had done this in the past but is no longer doing it. I cannot find a global alert or anything that is not active.

It is likely a BPM.

In V8 it would be a BAM

I thought V8 had Method Directives too?

They called method directives BPMs, and Data Directives were BAMs (Business Activity Monitoring).

The BAM “designer” would allow you to choose fields to monitor (with limited custom rule definitions), and had some built-in actions, like firing off an email, or running ABL code

Ah. Terminology…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. We had a Directive(?) under the BPM module that had been disabled. I enabled it and our message is now displaying.