Allocation / Picking challange

We sometimes have the need to print additional picks for items on an order. Consider the following scenario:

  1. Order Line is put in for 10 EA.
  2. 5 are available and are allocated for this order.
  3. Those 5 are then set to “Picking” while the warehouse team member goes to pull the item.
  4. Other warehouse team members will be picking other items on this order for final packing later on.
  5. Before the order gets packed, and the line is still in the “picking” status, our assembly department receives in more stock to put into inventory.
  6. 5 more are then allocated for the remainder of this line.

When we allocate the remaining 5, it deletes the previous material queue and then prints a pick for the entire 10. This is causing confusion because the original pick was already sent out with the initial 5. When the packer goes to put the order together he/she sees that there is 15 where there was only supposed to be 10 and someone has to put the overage amount of 5 back into stock (or possibly the customer will get 15 and only get charged for 10).

Is there any setting/way we can tell the fulfillment workbench to create another queue id for the remaining 5? We use PCIDs to pack, so we can’t pick the items as we pull them.


Looks like Cross Docking may be our answer. Going to try some things…

If you are using hard allocation, yes Cross Docking is the answer. If it doesn’t work, you should be able write a BPMs to manage MtlQueue. I have written custom allocation logic in 10.0.X

Yes we are (by part). It looks like it will work, we just have a few more questions that we need to model and make sure before we go this route.

Hi Doug,
did you managage to get this working? i am also using Cross Docking, but it doesn’t work well with PCID. when the part becomes available on stock in a PCID, the pick record that is generated by epicor will pick the part from the PCID into the Shipping warehouse. it does not pick the PCID to the shipping warehouse. Any suggestion?

No I didn’t explore this any further. It’s coming back around to me during the next few weeks. I will see what we find out.