Allow company wide archive period to be Defaulted to something other than 0

In 9 and early 10 a cough bug cough ensured that even if users never bothered archiving reports when they ran them. The system would still keep those reports for a little bit. In 10.2+ the reports evaporate as soon as they run if no archive period is set. (Awesome! Bug fixed…!!!YAY!!!)

However… since this behavior has been around for like 20 years users are complaining now that their “reports dissapear too quickly” it would be nice to have a company setting which allows you to default the archive period for the whole company or even allow it to be a user personalization that covers ALL that users screens.


This should be a fairly easy fix since all reports share the RptServiceBase which implements the “hard coded” archive list. A simple lookup in a table here would be enough to fix everything with like 10 lines of code!

Pretty please with a cherry on top!

Oh yes! Please, yes! This would be excellent!