Allow Crowdfunding Epicor Development to prioritize bug fixes/enhancements

I know this is probably unrealistic but if we could all pool some cash together to get things done at Epicor, I think it would make some Epicor users/developers happy. Maybe my view is skewed because I’m a little bitter that Epicor decided to spend their cash on EVA instead of fixing the “small stuff” that make day to day things better.

I just remember when Epicor announced its new cadence schedule at Insights and how they were going to get fixes out faster(patches every two weeks). We are now at 10.2.400 and all the bugs we have submitted for our current version 10.2.200 and testing .400 won’t get released until 10.2.500. I’m sure we’ll have to jump through hoops to get a retro fix.

For example, Epicor broke the Paste Update/Insert for grids that have GLAccount fields (like Journal Entry). We reported the issue in the .400 version only to be told that it would be released in the .500 version.

Or maybe fix a BO like the PriceList Service UpdateExt method so it doesn’t take 5 minutes to update one record if the Price List contains 10k records or more.

I’m just saying sometimes cash speaks louder than a voice, forum, or case…

I dunno man, something doesn’t feel right about pooling cash for an almost billion dollar company to provide development to its customers.


You are right. It doesn’t feel right. I feel like there is constant struggle within our own company and this community to get results from Epicor. I think everybody here genuinely wants Epicor to become better but how can we help? What can I do to help move things along that can benefit everyone, not just me?

I’m not saying they don’t hear us. They create cases/problems and tasks but at the end of the day, at least for me, I don’t see the resolution, at least not for a very long time.

Maybe more cash isn’t the right way. Maybe it’s more transparency into development cycle from Epicor and a better customer collaboration solution. I’d like to see something that we can have “say” in. Because once it turns into a Problem Number, it’s out of our hands.

Honestly, things like this forum is probably one of the best communication routes to the decision makers at Epicor. Being vocal about what we the customer wants and don’t want on here is a good place to do so. I think Epicor decided to invest in things like EVA to make themselves more cutting edge, thus more appealing to new customers. I don’t believe they haven’t prioritized fixing broken things like you mentioned, but I agree that it’s very frustrating when there is a bug that needs fixing and it’s slotted for 2 .100 releases later :joy:

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It isn’t a question of money @caleb.grundmeier. Epicor like all of us has an X number of resources and a X^2 number of issues to attend to.
If you want to throw money at them to get something fixed faster you can, go to CSG they’ll do whatever you want :slight_smile:

But otherwise I think we are stuck and we have to take the “priority” given.

Maybe we could pool enough money together, purchase Epicor, and then release the products as open source.

That way the community could identify and resolve issues, and everyone would benefit. :wink:


I’ll throw 100 bucks at this idea @ckrusen let me know when you’ve raised the other 2 billion or so LoL


Are you saying for example, that the bug that broke the Paste Update/Insert(which happens to be in the Ice.Lib.EpiClientLib.dll), that we could go the CSG and they would fix it?

If they can, it might be worth looking into for accounting users, maybe…

CSG can fix whatever you want they have full source code.
Now it’ll be expensive… but they can do it.

I assume that a CSG fix is “licensed” to the user that paid for it. And that distributing it would be a no-no.

Correct any CSG code (in standard contracts) is merely licensed for your use.

So if a bug exists, and a customer can’t wait for it to be included in a future patch/update, they can have CSG develop a solution. And since it addresses a specific issue in expected core functionality, it would most likely be portable to other users.

I think that Epicor needs a 3rd Support tier, “C$G”. They’ll fix the problem for $$$$, and then be able to re-sell that fix to other customers, without any more development. :slight_smile:

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First I struggle with having to pay CSG for something that used to work and broke in a release, then it was attempted to get fixed but continues to be broke. Then having to wait up to 6 months for the next .100 release.

Second, so let’s say we did go to CSG to have them fix the paste insert issue and we apply the code to our live environment. When we make customization’s, BPMs and such support always want to look at core functionality. Where does CSG code fit it? Core or customization?


Does buying the SDK give you access to modify those types of files?


Firstly @caleb.grundmeier please reach out to me on my email with the details of the items you are having issues with it seems like for some reason there is a breakdown in communication. There should be no crowdfunding needed!! I want a downvote option. The team has just fixed the GL Account paste insert issue at 10.2.400.7 we do focus a large effort on the small things but they typically do not get the air time.

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your wish come true Epicor for sale for a mere 5bil