Allow quote and sale of part on hold

Hi, first time posting here. I did a search, but can’t find any info on this topic. We have the need to put parts on “hold”, but our sales department still needs to be able to create quotes and sales orders for those parts. Using either the inactive or hold fields on the part prevents sale of the part. Is there a way to override that logic? We would like to be able to temporarily “hold” or “inactivate” a part to prevent job release, but we want to still be able to sell the part number. Any thoughts?

If the part is manufactured you could un-approve the revision.

I hope this link may help you,

We tried unapproving the part revision, but the system still allows us to release the job.

Try with a custom Checkbox field and BPM which should fire during release job method.

On the sales order release there is a Firm checkbox try unchecking that and
see if it does what you want.