Allowing Users BAQ/Dashboard Creation/Maintenance

This is more of a discussion than a question…but do y’all allow your normal end-users to create their own dashboards and BAQs? If no, why? If yes, does it cause you any grief? And how did you handle the end-user training process?

Normal end users — no. Some super users - yes.

While a user can learn to use the BAQ Designer and the Dashboard designer, the average user does not understand how to effectively design and filter a query to avoid system performance problems.

I have a couple of super users that have been to Insights classes on BAQs and have BAQ privileges, but they generally keep their queries simple and will ask me for any more complex queries.


I would also like to add that the last time i checked - you are NOT able to restrict the tables that a BAQ user has access to. i.e. Cash Reciepts, AP Checks, AP Invoices, etc. typically sensitive tables not generally shared with all employees.



Only baqs and only trained super users in a test/pilot environment. If they are researching then it is current enough data. If they want it in the live system I review it and have a dashboard built for them.

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