Altec Doc-Link APM

We are on Epicor version with no maintenance/support and no scope to go back on maintenance (can buy another ERP system for less than the back dated maintenance). As part of the install Altec doc-link3 was installed but nothing was ever configured,

I am revisiting this, to see if I can get this working to email purchase orders, order acknowledgements and invoices.

I have managed to map our modified purchase order within Altec and it seems to correctly identify the document “printed” as an emf and it appears in the complete documents within Altec and it then submits this to the scheduled tasks within output management - when Altec tries to process this it is coming up with status Failed and an error saying

At least one of the From or Sender fields is required, and neither was found.

As part of the mapping of the document I mapped the PrimaryEmail field (the recipient) and the EntryPersonEmail (buyer email) included on the purchased order.

I have all of the super helpful Altec and Epicor documentation and there isn’t really any guidance on how to set this up. I’ve looked in the Yahoo archives of the but lots of references are made to documents which are no longer available.

Can anyone who has any experience on APM give me some kind of guidance on what I a missing in configuring the document/routing so that APM can email this

Does it show a valid email under the ‘Delivery Address’ column when you look at it in ‘Scheduled Tasks’?

Could also be since you state that the program was installed but never setup, you could also have something not configured properly on the SMTP settings side.

It does show a valid delivery address.

On SMTP I have checked that and used the same settings we use for smtp email from other systems - we use on-premise Exchange.

Try using anonymous authentication in smtp settings instead of using an actual account first and be sure you have the correct port number. I would also try sending a report to an internal Email address and see if that goes thru. It could also be the server that has APM installed on it, isn’t setup on exchange to relay messages. Mostly though if it’s one of the last two things that I mentioned, the error message would be different then the one you are getting.

Do yourself a favor and download the SMTPDiag tool from Microsoft. This tool will quickly show in verbose mode how a test email negotiates the infrastructure and if so at what step it fails. It is kind of like TRACERT for email traffic.

Just want to check.

You have the email addresses printing on the form and you are using the OCR functionality to capture them and put them into the variables?

I was on Epicor and implemented Doc-Link without Epicor’s help.

I remembered that the format of the PDF file that was sent to the ERM printer had to be a particular version in order for ERM printer to recognize.

Can I just ask, are you printing to the ERM printer directly or do you preview the form and use the PDF reader to send to the ERM printer? Also, I find that the margin and settings in the print options DO matter.

If the OCR is not working, you have to find a way to send the print job to ERM printer consistently.

What I have done is, the people using doc link must be using the same version of PDF reader, and they use the same PDF reader to send the print job to ERM printer with the same settings. That way, the OCR always able to pick up the email address, name of the person to create the email.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I will give these a go and advise how I get on.

I see your post was flagged because of the doc attached. We appreciate your contribution, but for Epicor docs, make sure you link to the relevant docs via EpicWeb. We have a good relationship with Epicor and dont want to do anything to jeopordize their willingness to support us!


Brandon pointed me in the right direction, once I removed the smtp logon and password this worked and I managed to get email to come through. I also had a look at the document that Toby posted, although based on Chris’s post I have deleted, honest guv.

Thanks for all your help.

Glad to help out!