Alternate Excel formats of SSRS RDL reports require updating?

When I make a BAQ report, and then run it with the output format Excel Data Only, an RDL with the “base” report name, with the suffix _ExcelDataOnly is automatically created.


If I make changes to the “base” report (“CK-PartsCosts” in my case), will the “_ExcelDataOnly” version be automatically updated next time it is run? Or do I need to delete it and let SSRS re-create it based on the updated base RDL?

I came across this question as I was looking for the same answer in 10.1.600. In testing, it appears that if the source RDL is modified, a subsequent run of the ExcelDataOnly report generation will throw away the _ExcelDataOnly RDL and regenerate it (good!)

However, it does not regenerate if there is no modification to the source RDL, which makes it possible to (inadvisably) add additional content to the ExcelDataOnly RDL and have it display during generation. This dynamic generation of RDLs makes me a little uneasy, but it seems to have the desired effect. I searched for about 2 minutes for the way it does the comparison to determine if the source RDL was modified, couldn’t find it, and moved on…but hey, it works.

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