Alternate Material in a BOM

Is there any way to provide substitute materials within a BOM? An example was we have material “ABC .179x48x120” and we want the system to also consider using material “ABC .179x60x120”.

I have played around with alternate material within purchasing and know how to create alt lists for purchasing to review when placing an order, however our issue is currently the process to substitute these in the jobs is very tedious.

You can use the Alternate Part functionality to help with this, but you have to be on the correct version. It did not work for a long time and they just recently fixed it. I forget what version it finally got fixed on. I would search the KB to try and figure it out.

This would be only within Sales Orders and Purchase Orders though, correct?

This is what I meant to say we’ve explored, however when we use this and end up purchasing an alternate part we then manually have to change the jobs to consume this material. We nest as many as 10 jobs on a single sheet of material so this process is very time consuming. I was looking for a more automated solution.

customised it. basically upon job creation, check alternative material on hand qty vs BOM on hand quantity. Replace with alternative material on BOM, if BOM on hand qty is lower.

@Zach Then you must be on a version before the fix because the functionality does work where MRP will swap out the material on the BOM.

@jkane could you clarify which version of E10 is required for this?

@Zach I can’t remember what version it is. I think it was released in 2019?