Alternate Method view in Method Tracker

Hoping this is something really simple. Created our first Alternate Method in Engineering Workbench. I’ve checked in and approved it. I go to Method Tracker, but cannot view it. Below is a screenshot of what my window looks like. Alternate Method is greyed out.

Looking at Part Maintenance, I can see the Alternate Method “1” listed, so I know its there beyond the workbench.

How do you view the BOM for Alternate Methods without checking them out in Eng Workbench? Is our setup for Method Tracker not correct to switch between alts?

Hey Scott, welcome to the group!

It’s been a long time since I have done this, so I had to whip up a test, but only way I know is to jump from Part Tracker (or Part Entry):

Thanks Jason. I was able to replicate that. Appreciate the response.

IMOHO, that is definitely not the most user friendly workflow. Having to go through part tracker to get to methods. I don’t use Part Tracker myself, always using Part Maintenance. Maybe I was taught wrong. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just discovered that I can RMB from Part Maintenance->Part->Revisions->Alternate Methods->List and choose Method Tracker. At least there are 2 ways to get there.

OK, I was testing this as you wrote it. I thought you could. It is more steps, though, since the revisions are nested. (I had rev D with no alt and rev E with an alt, so I had to backtrack to get back to E.)

But yeah, It is pretty ludicrous. I’m guessing you’ll end up making your own version that bypasses this. Then you get into fun with dates of subassemblies. Good times.

Getting to method tracker from either Part Entry or Part Tracker does not work in the Kinetic screens in 2021.1.11. We have no way to look at alternate methods if we want to use Kinetic screen.