AMM Bug through 8.03.403D

I wanted to warn others and maybe see if anyone else has noticed this. I
believe it only affects AMM customers, but I welcome comment.
In MES if you "Report Quantity" for an operation the Material Queue is
adjusted and Part Locations, WIP is adjusted as well.
If you then end activity the "Current" quantity shows all reported quantity
(instead of it being in a read only field as it was in 6.1 with a separate
"Current" quantity field). If you change that number (at least if you
change it lower than the total reported quantity as in "I only finished 5
more parts since reporting quantity not 55 like it shows") the "Current
number is reported to the job as completed but the Part Locations, WIP is
not changed, nor is the Material Queue. Now you can have a different number
complete than are available to move. This is a major hang up for us and has
made us miss yet another upgrade date. At a minimum if you use AMM (and
report quantity) you might want to disable this field in End Activity to
prevent inconsistent data.
Meanwhile I would like it to work as it did in 6.1 with the ability to
report "additional" quantity in the End Activity screen.

Aaron Hoyt
Vantage Plastics