Announcing Service Connect Discussion Board

There is a special Service Connect discussion board over at
<> which has
been going since 2002. It has been a little dormant of late, but it
might be a good option for some people here. I was made aware of it in
2008 by an Epicor ESC specialist in Germany who is active on this board.
This yahoogroup has been a fantastic resource although I think it's
becoming a little too unfocussed now. Service Connect is an ideal topic
to hive off to a separate board.
Also over time we should also consider a separate E9 board, because
there are a lot of non-Vantage customers (E4SE, Scala etc.) now coming
onto the E9 platform for whom manufacturing is not a concern.
For now, those users who wish to post a Service Connect question to this
group, are encouraged to cross-post it to

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