Annoying log entries in Windows Application Event Log "Epicor App Server"

On our App Server in the “Epicor App Server” event log i see 10000s of information entries like

PreForm Done
Pre Mtl.GwtByID - 447775
Mtl.GwtByID Done
Pre Issue.PreGetNewIssueReturn


Does anyone know what is generating these??

They are very annoying and can ‘drown’ any actually useful events I need to see.

Can I get the exact message? You can have these added in a bpm and the like as well.

Also, what flags are enabled in your appserver.config?

Hello Bart,

I am not aware of any BPM that is writing to the event log and I have just checked the appserver.config file. All switches are off. I can send you part of our event log if you wish?

I definitely think it’s a BPM, using Custom Code.

You can search your DB using this simple script:

FROM Ice.BpDirective
WHERE CAST(Body as nvarchar(max)) LIKE '%Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry%'

This will list out the BPMs that you can then go check.


Brilliant, Mark! Problem identified.

An excellent technique for tracking down errant pieces of code.


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