Another Enhancement Request-21637MPS-Postpone a shipment that is a

Again with Buyer's Workbench, buyers are given a suggested list of
POs to postpone. Some of these suggestions are to postpone POs that
are coming in one or two days early. Why would you want to postpone
these POs?

The enhancement would allow for postpone to be more flexible in the
way it calculates when to suggest postponing a PO. For example,
don't tell me to postpone any PO that is coming in 3 days or less

Again, if you think this would be a helpful enhancement please call
support and add your company to the list for this enhancement.

Doug Oswald

Summary: PM Change Criteria Of Postpone
Book: Change Requests
Request no.: 21637MPS

Description / Steps to reproduce:

In Buyer's Workbench the Postpone functionality should be changed. It
should not say 'postpone' just because these parts are coming in
Coming in early is OK, but since it shows in the Buyers Workbench as
Postpone, Buyers may unknowingly select Postpone for an item that has
come in early when this is not an appropriate choice.

Currently when a user changes the required date on a order release
can postpone the vendor lead time suggestion. Postpone is only used
'Suggest' that the user may want to Postpone the order since the
linked requirement is not due to ship until 5 days before the order
scheduled to be complete. Vantage needs a way to avoid postpone
Purchase Orders that are coming in early.

Change the criteria of postpone to give it more functionality in
to prevent Buyers from Postpone items that are merely arriving early