Any Interest in a Coding Camp Type Thread?

Pretty sure its calvin ball

BTW, if anyone uses ChatGPT to post tutorials in my thread, you are dead to me 4 eva.

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What about Blackbox?

That’s actually a really good idea. As long as they read the answer and make sure it’s correct, it would save a lot of time!

—runs off to create my insights presentation with chat GPT

FCS, I don’t even know what that is.
The world is moving too fast.

When is the Mars mission? I’m leaving.

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Chat Blackbox: AI Code Generation, Code Chat, Code Search - Blackbox

It’s basically ChatGPT specifically for coding.

I am not saying the results are any better.

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There was a great article in The Economist recently that reminded me of something important…

All the LLM-trained AI’s are basically giving you back some form of “what most of their training data would be the best next word or phrase based on some algorithm of the number of times it followed what you gave it”.

Nothing in there about accuracy or factualness or what we, the great unwashed, would call “sensible”.

Just because much (even most) of the time it IS accurate or factual or sensible doesn’t mean it was designed to be so.

Verify first. That way trust is a lot easier.

I feel the same about AI as I do about widgets.

Some of it is probably irrational, but icky is icky.

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Some of what it gives back is most definitely irrational… don’t feel bad.

But by the same token, remember Windows 286? Windows 386?

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Didn’t start messing with computers until 1989.

That came out in 1988. I think I’ve seen it, but am unfamiliar with it,

So, ATM the thread is TLDR, but I wanted to say ‘yes’ to the original question, I’d love to see something like that.

I know there are already some reference materials on Epiusers, pinning those links to a more central thread would be pretty awesome too.

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Ahh, the year I was born…

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lol, I was 10.

Does that make us old enough to know better? Certainly old enough…

Late to the party on this one, have been working hard on DMT pipelines in excel for what seems like forever. But hell yes to code camp. Theres some syntactic stuff witn expression evaluation i still cant get my head around… when to single quote, double quote, no quote in particular and thats damn hard to search. Browser debugging tools and trial and error usually get me there but sheesh its slow and annoying.


Can we add BAQ Operation conditions and discuss wild cards (and maybe regex searching)? I always get confused when to use which one - LIKE, MATCHES, EXISTS, % etc…

Also, when to use ISNULL vs empty vs “” (double quotes with nothing in between).


I suggest that if you think someone might be a good fit for a topic, send them a private message suggesting why you think so. That way it is not expected that you reply. What do you think?

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I would say, as long as it’s private, and as long as you do not violate the no pestering rule, that would probably be ok.