Any simple way to save and refresh a BAQ in a Dashboard when I update a value in it?

What’s the best way to do this ? I have an updateable column in a grid in a Dashboard and I want to save and refresh when I update it (when i click on tab to change to the next column in the grid). I want to make sure that each time I update the field, it recalculates some column that use this field in the BAQ.

I was thinking of doing it in a customization but I was wondering if there was an easy way to do this


Still looking for a solution if someone has it. I have a custom function that call the save button and the refresh but I don,t see where I can trigger it when I update the field. I have an error afterfieldUpdate

This might help you:

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That’s definitely helping. I have the code working on tool click but the problem is that I don’t know where to put this code so it triggers automatically on my baq field update

In the dashboard customization form, there is tab called Form Event Wizard. From here you could choose AfterFieldChange Event, and choose your results table and the correct field. Once you add an event for that, go to your script editor tab and find the event code. Add your code inside there.

I am not certain this is the right event for you. But, this is where I would start.
Good luck!

I tried this but as far as I know, this event didn’t work and I didn’t find any other event that triggered at the right moment when updated but thanks !