Anybody having issues with Cloud Kinetic ERP since AKS upgrade this last weekend?

Thanks for the info Rich. I think I will keep the IP address in place for now. Things are back to normal and I really don’t want to switch things again and have another day of chaos:>) Glad they got the issue fixed.

Had this issue this weekend, related? Odd, because it would work, about 1 out of 20 times (without changes), and worked 100% after the change I made.

Kevin that is exactly what we were experiencing. Changing the machine name in the path to the IP address given to us by Epicor did the trick just like your expanded machine name did. We use File Drop to FTP also. Was a crazy week for us last week.

Aww shucks, that wasn’t exactly clear. Had I known it was this, I could have given you the answer last week. We ran into something similar before with AKS in a testing environment with Epicor last year.

Well, this painful thing is back again… anyone had occasional issues with ASP errors since the AKS upgrade?

it’s like everything is less stable, this last upgrade to 2024.1.5 has fallen over again 2 hours down time :expressionless:

What exactly is going on? Mine is rock solid.