FTP not working? (File drop) Stop here for a sec

Our environment had some of the work they had queued up done for AKS this weekend.

About 3:30 AM, we could no longer print to Bartender, as we use a file drop to FTP.

This behavior was somewhat inconsistent, which I don’t quite understand, but the solution was this:

If in your code to your file drop you normally write to:

  • \\machinename\12345\RestOfPath

Change your code to write to:

  • \\machinename.epicordt.local\12345 \RestOfPath

And you should be good.

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Stop hard coding server addresses. Use epicors helper.

string filePath = Ice.Lib.PathHelper.GetFolderPath(Epicor.ServiceModel.Utilities.SpecialFolder.CompanyData) + @"\";

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Or use bartender REST


This is a different computer my friend, where there is no helper method, and it’s not hard coded, I have my own helper method.

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