Anyone doing biometric clock ins for Epicor or have a reputable vendor/integration partner for this?

Looking for ideas or vendors to help with this, whether that’s the biometric system or the company doing the integration or both.

Anyone know anything about this?

Well what we did was post a person at a desk near each login station. They have a list of everyone’s login and password.

We put a large plexiglass board in front, and handles at all four corners, with a head hole.

You have to climb up, put your feet on the bottom handles, and stretch out your hands for the
top two.

Then you put your head through the hole, and look directly ahead.

If the person at the desk recognizes you, and you look silly enough, he will log in for you.

Works great.


I would have never came up with that!

Epicor has one of their Extended Solutions for this. There is a short PDF in the Extended Solutions download folder on EpicWeb.

Extended Solutions ES0113 – Biometric Solution 2 March, 2021
The Biometric Solution allows Epicor® functionality to be linked to Digital Persona’s fingerprint validation software.

The following functionality is provided:
● MES fingerprint functionality
● Fingerprint Enrolment Program

Key Features
● Allow specific users to clock in and out of MES using a fingerprint scanner
● Allow multiple employees to use a single fingerprint terminal
● Checks employee does not have any active jobs when checking out
● The finger-print scanner functionality on the MES screen can be enabled on a comp


Mike. Thank you :pray:

Please let us know if you go forward - even with testing - as it’s something that came up here a month or so again.

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I will Mike!

Mike, they don’t sell it anymore

There’s a reason for that. They used to be pretty pricy or were bundled in with something like Paychex or ADP as a lease type item. In which case now you’re in bed with them. I’ve never seen this be wholly successful anywhere I’ve been as a laborer or administration. I’m sure since I’ve interacted with them they have gotten better, but the scanners were always temperamental when we had used them.

I should add I’m sure a lot of it comes down to price point in terms of temperamental or not, but we implemented RFID here for 75 bucks and less than an afternoon’s time of REST programming. Programmable cards they are not, but if my goal is to get people in and out of our system with a unique ID, good enough. The non programmable are cheap enough if they lose their card, scan a new one in, tell them not to lose this one and go on your merry way.


Thanks for the practical and functional take on this, I will relay to HR.

We had programmable cards for our access control, but it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Moved to buying preprogrammed in bulk.

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As we looked at it that was the conclusion we came to as well. Everything needed for employee info is in the employee record so we added a single field for punch card number to empbasic and just do our lookups on that. zip, zap, zoop done


My favorite sound of progress, nothing like a clean zip, zap, zoop

Facial Recognition is something we can look into…

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No idea

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