Anyone getting errors when copying from the classic system monitor?

I frequently copy the GUID from the system monitor and I get this error message all the time (photo below). Is anyone else getting this, or have any ideas…?


Weird, I get that sometimes in the Epicor Functions Maintenance menu. Hitting refresh fixes it, but I have no idea what’s causing it.

I also frequently get that error, I’ve found that its something with the context menu. If I select the GUID and hit Ctrl-C, I don’t get the error - it’s just that I get rudely reminded when I forget and right-click…

Seeing this on 2022.1.11

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I often see this when trying to access Actions - SSRS Report from System Monitor. It’s annoying, but I’ve never looked into it any further. Be good to chase it down!

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Yes and I’ve reported it as a bug but it never gets fixed, very frustrating. Have to copy super fast before the error pops up.

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Do you have a case number?

Are we seeing this behavior in the web version - either the embedded EO Browser or actual browser?

We DO get errors in the EO version where the whole app just ends when retrieving reports. I wonder how much being on 2021.2 or using classic is going to work out for us. :person_shrugging:

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We use all kinetic except for some in accounting who refused and the few forms we had to change back to classic because of bugs/severely degraded functionality vs classic.

I don’t get this when I use the kinetic system monitor. Only the one in the system tray.

ERPS-181300 has been issued for this problem. I do not have an ETA on its availability, but as soon as I have any information, I will let you know.

Further developments will be tracked through the above number. Article KB0066805, attached to the case, gives instructions on how to do this. Once this case is closed, you can login to EpicCare and track this number through “My Open Problems.”

I will mark this case as suggested resolution for now. It will close in a few weeks. If you have further questions on this case, please update this case.

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