Anyone have a job posting/description for "Epicor Developer"?

Since we are such a widely varied group of skills and jobs, I thought I’d pitch the question.

My AS400/RPG/Configurator programmer is retiring (very soon come to find out this morning) and I’d like to back fill his position with someone with different skill set. Let’s say C#, SQL, mobile apps, BI and IOT.

This is the first full-time coder I’ve needed to hire so I don’t have a ready-made one of my own. I know, hard to believe after almost 30 yrs in the business, but I’ve always done all my own coding do far and now I get to have someone else share the load…

Anyone out there have a job posting/description that has been successful in recruiting a similar candidate? I could recreate the wheel so to speak, but thought I’d at least try to get jump on it and get this posted either today or tomorrow.

PM me, or post here as it may help others in the future - either way is fine.

I appreciate any assistance!