Anyone have experience implementing Epicor in a Label manufacturing company

Hi, does anyone have experience implementing Epicor in a Label manufacturing company? We have a hard time right now linking the Finished Product(Sold), Semi-Finished product(Production), and raw material(Purchase) to work properly with the MRP. I’m losing my mind right now.

There is at least one regular here that does printing, which will have some of the same issues you’re probably facing.

Can you describe your current order through shipment flow? Any special cases in your industry/production (like processing a full sheet of a material regardless of the actual qty required)?

I’ll try to give an example of a specific product.

Finished product : JTTA-29C1-1WH
The product is sold 1 label wide, 1000 label per roll
One linear roll is 136 FT long

Semi finished product : SF-JTTA-29WH
The product is produce 3 label wide, slitted and rewinded in the appropriate format
Theoretically, to produce 1000 labels, I need 136 FT / 3, since im producing 3 labels wide.

Raw Material : R-1212-3.75
Roll of raw material of 3.75" wide
I therefore need 136FT/3 of raw material to be able to do the job.

I’m lost with all the QTY Parent, UOM part specific to get the correct output. I can give you more precise detail if it’s not clear enough

Wouldn’t this be no different then a Metal shop, or Diecutter - they all deal in taking sheets of material and stamping it into smaller sizes, LY, LF, etc…

I think your best bet would be to go by area (square inch) for both raw material and semi finished.

We used to have some product where the raw material was purchased by linear yards. This was cut to various sizes like 10x12 ft, etc and sold as Each. In this case we converted the raw material(IUM) as sq yards and purchase as linear yards.

For the finished product we used area needed per unit of finished product. So in the case above it would be 120 sq ft per one unit. This worked really well. For any process wastage like cutting etc appropriate scrap factor can be added.


Vinay Kamboj

@hasokeric Very similar to sheetmetal parts, but potentially much higher waste/scrap. And I thought they were pre-printed, so materials like ink aren’t so easily calculated (one label might use 0.0000001 oz)

@alexbg89 - Is it is ALWAYS 3 rolls across per the “R-…” base material? If so, things aren’t that hard. But if another “R-” base was wider and would give you 4 rolls across, then things get tricky if you want the flexibility to use either “R-” material.

Wondering if Advanced UOM would be useful here.

So, SF-JTTA-29WH is always equivalent to 3x of JTTA-29C1-1WH (after some operations)?

Lot multiple (a part-site setting) should be 3 on the final product (JTTA-29C1-1WH).

JTTA-29C1-1WH should have a revision and method with material of, ugh, what, .3333333333 of its parent (SF-JTTA-29WH)?

That fraction, wow, 1/3. Yeah we have a 1/9 here. I hate allowing EA to have decimals, so I made a decimal-each UOM for that one and only scenario.

But I do fear that you will wind up with bizarre amounts (0.000000001) left in a bin, etc.

We are a label manufacturing company!