Anyone in Chicago area looking for a half-decent Vantage guru?

It is never easy to post a question like this without sounding tacky,
but after a stint out here on the east coast, I would like to relocate
back to the Chicago area where I am closer to family and friends. I
know that job postings occasionally show up on the list, this is just
the reverse.

I have experience with Vantage since version 2.12 (sold by DCD) all
the way through the current versions. I've worked as an IT Manager
and also as a consultant. I have tons of experience in writing
Crystal Reports and have received training from Progress for
programming in 4GL. I have done many implementations for a diverse
range of industries and have found so many ways to solve problems,
that I couldn't even begin to list them.

If anyone is interested, please contact me at tedkitch@....


Ted Kitch