Anyone use Mattec MES?

Just saw some info on an update for Mattec MES. I don’t know anything about it. Does anyone here use it and could give me an idea if it helps with reporting in the shop? We have a lot of heartburn with getting things reported.

We use MES and we use MATTEC although we don’t do any integration between the two yet. The last time I checked it was horrible - a simple text import between the two that wasn’t very flexible. If there’s an update, maybe it’s time I had a fresh look.

A client of mine has MATTEC and has been told significant bug fixes in the 10.2 release. Have to upgrade to get the fixes though

It is a manufacturing reporting system and you can use it in your shopfloor(molding machines,opc etc…). Review this site:

Jumping on this thread to see if anyone out there would be willing to discuss their usage of the Mattec software. We have seen a demo but would like to ask some questions to a company that is successfully using it. We are currently on 10.1.600.10 and use the MES module today.

Hi Bryan,

Do you implement Mattec or what are your comments about it? I am looking to test it but I would like to have some comments from Mattec users.

Thank you,
Luis P.