Anyone using Conexium for Sales integration?

Looking at Conexiom with a client and curious if anyone has used them for integration with E10/Kinetic - what was your experience like?

We are currently implementing Conexiom to send EDI 850’s to Kinetic. Been using it for years on our soon-to-be former ERP system, and it’s very user friendly and stable. The most straightforward of all EDI configurations.

Thank you!
thats a good sign!

Are you using an SFTP connection at all?
What are your most common validation issues?

Thank you!

I’m not sure how our EDI team is planning on connecting it - as of now, they are just bringing the test files in manually. Most common validation issue is part #. I highly recommend using the cross ref tool on the Conexiom portal to prevent that. We do not have Conexiom bringing over line item pricing, but if we did I’m sure that would create more validation issues.