Anyone Using Dynamic Documents?

If someone has a generated pdf from one, post it and we’ll see how the cake is made.

You are going to have to wait until I get it set up. Or if someone else can provide one.

Not in ANY type of hurry.

Do you know if they’re using JavaScript or the old add-in model?

You people really need to stop asking me technical questions. I’ve stated time and time again that I don’t know what I am doing!!! :laughing:

I believe it is only available for M365. Does that help?

That may work on your boss.

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Looks like JavaScript. I’m surprised they recommend the Shared Folder and not from a company catalog in 365. You’d have to VPN in to have access to it if you were off site. Maybe because it has to work for on-prem too… :thinking:

it is Kinetic app at the end, so I guess it means JS

Does anyone have any experiance in setting this up?
We purchased the module and have got 95% of the way there for setup just cant get the form to load up when starting or ending an activity.

I have set this up on a number of occasions, have you updated the BOO to include the Dynamic Document Template to open?

Good luck trying to get it to work properly… even epicor support don’t understand it!

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Sue, Thank you for replying,
Yes I added the form there, the issue is it doesn’t open when prompted.
I am wondering if I don’t have the manifest file set up properly or if I am not entering the correct “view” when publishing the word doc to Epicor.

Like aarong said Epicor support was no help.

Here is the settings that i have successfully used before:

THank you Sue,
I will take a look

Hey Sue,
Tried this and stull no luck lol. I am at a loss lol