Anyone using the IDC-PO invoice flow v2?

I’m still new to all this, but I’m trying to work through a test case on the new workflow. There is an automatch process, and it does a lookup for finding receipts that would be for the invoice to match against. That lookup comes back with one record (when I test it, and when I look at the trace xml that it produces), but for some reason the result comes back 0

here is the workflow action, where you can see the result (this is an epicor provided action BTW)

here is the trace with the result.

Here is the row that comes back when I test this. A single row.

Can someone help my understand why the result count is 0? I clearly must be missing something.

The reason that that matters, is because if the solution count is 0 it goes to the branch that says that there are no matches.

Figures… about 2 seconds after I posted this, I figured out what the issue was.

Somehow the field LINE_PartDescription was in the header of the invoices as well as the line. So it couldn’t match them because it had it listed twice.

After I removed that field from the header, and ran, I get a new error! (hey, at least I’m making progress)


You’re killing it!

@Banderson What version of the v2 workflow to you have? In the green start step I have a 6 and I have a another copy with a 7.

Looks like version 8


Now I have a link exception. It created the invoice, I can see that in the group that I created, but I’m getting and error… and I’m not really sure where to go from here. Any ideas? For some reason, it can’t find the file to attach, even though I’m looking at it within doc star.

Brandon, there are logs for each call on your server I believe! on your ECM server.

you got a second to chat on teams?

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We figured it out. (It was all in the trace, I just can’t read). I was looking for a specific document type that we didn’t have yet. (ApInv). I added this to our test system and Huzzah! an invoice with lovely attachment.


Alright, if you check the rest calls it will say where it’s logging to I believe. Greg has the V2 rest calls I think, I wish I had that version. I think it gives more detail than what you have in the trace. That’s why I am bringing it up. In the case that you need more detail, I believe there is a log for each rest call? Or maybe it’s just custom rest calls that we (the customers) make.

What do you mean by that? I’ve been using this to download the “trace” (I’m assuming that’s what it’s called?)


I saw something about log somewhere, but I don’t remember where, and I think it was just a checkbox.

I see this log on the client that it’s connected to. Is that what you are talking about?

Neither of those things.

That’s why I was wondering if we could connect real quick and I could look at your admin tab on ECM to see if I can identify where your rest calls are logging to.

In mine I have a specific property where I give the REST call a place to log itself. But I am running V1 and they kinda changed all the settigns so that they were contained in one place in the GUI admin tab in your version instead of text files like they are in V1

Sure, I’ll send you a PM

Thanks. I tried to get an update, but I am still at 7. Guess its time to enter a ticket.

The downloads are called recordings, but they are a trace file.

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I’m glad you guys figured it all out!! As for this fix where you added a Doc type to Epicor - you may run into trouble in the future. Way back when, I was told that DocType should be created in ERP as an ECM Attachment type and the API will create the Content Type in ECM for you. That way it stays in Synch when you add metadata fields to the DocType in ERP. Plus, it created the ECM Content Type with a company extension in order to keep company level security intact.

Just FYI :slight_smile:

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Oh? I’ll have to look at that. That’s good to know. Going at this a little blind here!


So like this right?

Yes and no - I was warned against the ‘reserved for specific tables’ checkbox. Not because you would use AP Invoices anywhere else, but it would possibly apply for other doc types that might be applicable to many other tables. Also, there is some additional logic that we got caught up in back in the early days and we had to uncheck that box. I can’t’ recall exactly, but I might have an email around here somewhere.

If you create that DocType, you should get a new content type in ECM called “APINV_{companyID}” and if you choose to add fields through the Metadata Mgmt window, those changes will only apply to the documents in this company. Keeps things all straight if different companies have different metadata changes/fields.