Anyone watch Jack Ryan?

Does anyone watch Jack Ryan and laugh when he “codes SQL”? #notSQL.

I mostly get a kick out of this because my wife is a nurse and any time there is anything to do with medical on TV she has to say why it’s not like real life because of … (that CPR isn’t good, that monitor reading right etc.)

I haven’t watched it yet.

As technology people, other’s must hate watching TV/movies with us.

My favorite trope is that even the highest level of encryption can be cracked in about 5 - 10 minutes.

And don’t get me started on technical fallacies in sci-fi. I joked with my son, saying I wan’t my tombstone to say, “The vacuum of space is greatly overrated”

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You mean this isn’t how it works??

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LOL - how the hell would two people typing at the same time ever work.

hahaha… Yes, I binged watched it and loved it. I can usually separate reality and not…LOL…meaning what really happens in IT. My husband is pretty good too but if something gets really out of whack…it will drive me nuts and won’t watch it.

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good one !:hugs:

I watched it. It’s excellent, but yes I noticed the “SQL” thing which was what happens when you read a script and there is nobody knowledge or a consultant on hand. Reminds me when Obama, not a military guy, said Navy “Corpsemen” because if you sound it out from the teleprompter, that’s what it sounds like versus “Coremen”

I also noticed they had a keyboard attached to the PS4 which almost nobody has and they ignore the like 10 hour time zone difference.

Also the liberal use of public cell phones that could easily be intercepted.

I always love when they run an app on the cell phone to simulate a call but when they put it up to their ear, it’s still glowing because apps, other than the real calling app, don’t darken the screen when the face sensor detects your head.

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OMG. So the moral of the story is: randsomeware - don’t get caught with your pants down?

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m definitely going to start it tonight. But to spotlight some accurate things I have seen in movies. Trinity uses nmap in the second Matrix movie, and Flynn’s son uses a real legit linux shell complete with accurate commands in Tron Legacy.

Binged it a few weeks back, when I should have been doing other things…Ooops! was a bit difficult to stop after the first episode, and they were quite short which was good.

Is that ransomware that attacks a random server. :wink:

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Or randy hackers???

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