AP Advance Billings

The easiest way we have found to handle advance billings is to
set up a payment term that has 3 payments on it. We then do an
"Unreceived Billing Line" for 90K and "attach" it to the PO through
"Add line".

Then in the invoice header, update the payment dates to the
actual due dates. This way when we pull up the invoice for payment,
only the payment amount comes up and the balance is held in the

When the material is received, receive it normally then go into
the "Invoice/Receipt Match" utility and match the invoice with the
receipt. This way the costs hit the job properly and it doesn't
require an adjustment.

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Carol Silvey
Wisdom Industries, Ltd.
I was hoping to get some input from the group as to how you are handling the
following situation:

In the manufacture of a part, a "material" is required that is billed to us in
increments. For example, a material line is set up to be purchased to the job.
A PO is created for the material part with a unit cost of 90K. Our vendor sends
us the first of 2 advance billing invoices. We input the first invoice in the
AP module as an Advance Billing against the PO line. Three weeks pass and we
input the second invoice as another Advance Billing against the PO line.
Finally, after another 3 weeks, the part arrives. We receive the part to the
job material line. When you check the job costs you see that the part has been
costed to the job at the PO value of 90K. So far so good. However, the final
invoice arrives and we do a receipt billing. The system pulls the 90K but the
AP clerk changes the unit cost to 30K to reflect the actual invoice since this
is the 3rd of three. The Invoice is posted.

Now, when you check the job costs you see that an invoice adjustment has been
made to the job of -60K. In essence, the system costs the part at the final
invoice disregarding all of the prior advance billings.

Am I missing something here (this is quite possible!)? I would be curious to
see how other users are handling this scenario.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Mike Lowe
Corporate I.S. Manager
Connor Manufacturing Services
(909) 273-1282
We create a PO with three line items. One for each installment. The
cost is split up between the three lines. When an invoice is received
the corresponding line on the PO is checked in through the Receipt
module. We then can enter an invoice against the PO and can still add
the others without sending any of the numbers out of whack.--- In