AP Ageing Report Vs General Ledger report (Subledger Vs GL Ledger ) not matching

Hello Folks,

Standard AP Ageing report and General Ledger (Account Payable Control) are not matching. Can you please let me know the ideal way to match the Subledger with the GL control account?

We have not passed any direct journal entry by using the AP control account in GL. Is there way to match between these two report in Epicor ? We are using Epicor 10.2 Version.

I believe in this version you do have a tracker for this purpose, check in GL Module

Thank you Rakesh. journal tracker is available in GL but the supplier wise we unable to find and reconcile them.

If I recall it correctly there is one tracker which says “AP & GL reconcile” check in AP or GL Module. Else you need to create a BAQ/dashboard for their re-conciliation