AP Check can't print checks over $999,999.99 with the dollar amount

The CHKPrint.rpt program for AP will not print a check greater than
$999,999.99 with the check amount shown in words correctly.
Epicor has a request from a customer for the development team to
correct this problem but no date has been given as to when it will
be available.

We've corrected the problem in the crystal report by doing the

Create a new formula field called CheckAmtWord1 with the following

UpperCase (ToWords (ToNumber (Replace
({checkhed.Calc_DspCheckAmt},"*",""))) + ' Dollars')

Find the old field in the Page Footer B section labeled "Field22
checkhed.Calc_DSPWordAmt" and go into the format editor and check
the Supress box for that field.
This will cause the field to dim on the report design screen and not
to print on the check. Now move the field to another area of the
Place the new formula field called CheckAmtWord1 in the same
position as the old field you just suppressed.
Make sure to stretch the field to fit the whole line it's on so the
largest check amount will be displayed correctly.
In case anyone is writing billion dollar checks you can format the
field and check the "Can Grow" box and set the "Maximun number of
Lines" to 2 so the entire amount will be displayed correctly.
Save the report, test it, then move into production when you are
satisfied with the printed check output.