AP Correction Invoice - Divide By Zero Error

We have a situation where we have a posted AP invoice that has a Job Misc Charge targeting the wrong job. In our test system I created a Correction Invoice, with the Job Misc Charge targeting the correct job. The invoice amount does not change, we only want to correct the job that was impacted by the invoice. So, the amount on the invoice header is $0.

When I attempt to post, it fails and the error message reports a ‘Divide By Zero’ error. Out of curiosity I set the invoice amount to $0.01, added a penny to the line and the job charge, and posted again. It succeeded and the job costs are adjusted the way we want (except for the extra penny).

Is it possible to post a correction invoice without changing the invoice amount? Is there a different or better way of achieving the same result?

I believe AP Correction Invoice is to either fix price or qty. If you have selected incorrect job, then I could recommend to do job adjustment reducing cost from incorrect and add to correct job.