AP Invoice Edit List - Rounding Difference Account

Good Morning EpiUsers!!!

Financial Users started to use the financial Kinetic forms in the browser.

They are getting an error when running the AP Invoice Edit List: Post Rounding Difference to Rounding Difference Account: Rounding Difference Account is not defined in company AP Account GL Control.

User switches to the client classic version and can run the AP Invoice Edit List with no issues.

EpicCare article says to make sure the rounding difference account is filled in for the GL Control. Even though the round difference account is not a required field. Which we can enter, just looking for a bit more information on why its needed; if there is any.

Is the Rounding Difference Account flagged as required on the GL Control Type? If it is, maybe turn it off and see what happens? :man_shrugging:

Not flagged as required.

Is there a rounding difference for that transaction that is going to a suspense account or something? This is weird and it sounds like a bug.

I feel like it’s a bug as the user can log into the client classic form and it doesn’t prompt the error.

Almost like the new code is doing a check for an issue before there is an issue. Seeing if anyone else has seen it. The “fix” is to just put add an GL account. which we will be doing. Just very odd.

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If you put in an account does the process run in Kinetic?

Did you run the process with the logging turned on to see if there is rounding occurring?

Check the Book master for GL Account setup

Yes, adding the account gets the Kinetic Process to work.

There were no items that had a rounding occurrence.

Guess we will just let it be. We haven’t touched those settings since initial set up in 2014, odd that a field is required when the required checkbox isn’t checked and in the Classic version it works.

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Sure sounds like a bug. Report it.