AP Invoice Supplier Qty incorrect

Process Question:
PO was issued to supplier for Qty of 10ea @ $1= $10
Goods Receipt was done for 10ea.
Supplier invoice comes in for 8ea @ $1= $8

Best course of action is naturally to inform Supplier and request a corrected invoice, then process the correction.

However, in case we can’t contact; what is the best process for this? We will likely get an additional invoice later for $2, but this might not get caught by AP as being part if the original transaction, especially if the correction does not have enough information or if the invoice carries multiple lines.


You can partially invoice the receipt, just invoice a qty of 8 and later then 2.
Or did I misunderstand?

If you are expecting additional invoice later, then best is record this one for qty of 8 , remainder 2 will show always on RNI report each time you run, that helps AP to keep it on the loop. Eventually when the Invoice come you can received it and clear the RNI.

For some reason a different procedure had been put in place which entailed a Misc AP Invoice. I am resetting this ASAP.

Thanks for the insanity check!