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HI everyone,

Is there any trick to inserting excel data into the List tab when doing the AP Invoice Upload?

I use the “paste insert” option for the field or fields I want to load, an it always errors out, saying I have an invalid vendor. But I know its the correct ID.



:wink: - Paste insert creates a new row and then fills it in with data from the clipboard. Here are some tips:

  • When using Paste Insert, don’t create the empty line first. Right click below the existing rows, and select Paste Insert.
  • The data on the clipboard needs to be in the same order as the columns in the grid. Best way to insure this is to right click in the grid and use Copy to Excel. That will give you the current data you can use as a template.
  • Key fields need to appear in the left most columns. E10 defaults to this. So unles you’ve re-ordered the columns, it should be fine.
  • Not all columns are required. In your example you probably only need: SupplierID, SupplierName, Invoice, InvoiceDate and ApplyDate.
  • Some data on your clipboard is just for padding a column that is automatically filled in. For example, if your clipboard had 11AA002<tab>ZZZ Mid-Atlantic<tab>112<tab>9/29/2020<tab>9/29/2020, it would make the line with that Supplier ID, but the SupplierName would show as AAA Mid-Atlantic…
  • Some fields show a Description, while the underlying data needs to be the code or ID. For example, if a ProductGroup exists (ID: JP01, and Desc: Jet Packs), a grid may show Jet Packs, but to use Paste Insert, the Product Group field must be specified as JP01.


And Paste Update has some specific tips to.

  • The clipboard contents will overwrite the existing rows, starting where the cursor is. Say I had to update the address fields of the Sites. If my clipboard contained 2 rows for GONZ and GUTH, and I tried to use Paste Update as shown below, it would try to over write GUTH with the first line of my Clipboard and HOUST with the second line.
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AP Invoice Loadfinal.xlsx (11.7 KB)

You can use this template… I just used it to load invoices… leave supplier name blank just enter ID on the first column, I left the first row as an example for you


Thanks Calvin - this is great detail, and finally I was able to get it to work. Much appreciated


Thanks Dora - This template worked perfectly! A great help


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