AP Payment Entry error ISO code

We have a separate LTD company, where we want to use batch payment instead of manual payment. I have entered a correct payment method, and used this as primary method with Bank Account Maintenance.
When I am testing a payment entry, everything seems fine until I want to process the payment. I have created a .xml export file and press generate only. Nothing happens and when I check the system monitor the following error appears on my screen:
“Currency ISO code of a processed payment transaction is GBP. Selected payment transactions must be in currency EUR.”
Our primary company (Company C0100) is using EUR as currency. Our LTD company is a separate company within Epicor (Company C0400), and the primary currency is GBP.
Does someone have any idea what I have to do?

Are you selecting GBP as the Payment currency in the Payment Group?

Hi Jonathan,

As far as I can see GBP is selected at every position.

The ISO code is related with your country setup and the associated currency with that country.
I don’t usually setup country currencies since I don’t want to limit my use of currency depending on geographical location, but seems like is your case.

What is the Electronic Interface attached to the SEPA payment method you are using?
Are you using a default one or did you customize it?