AP posting to incorrect periods


If a period is closed but the earliest apply date is open and I try post an AP Invoice back into a period (In this case Dec 2018) Epicor will let me and keep the apply date the same (12/31/2018) but it will automatically post the transaction into the next open period (Jan 2019).

My question is twofold.

  1. What’s the best way to prevent this from happening?
  2. Does anyone have a SQL Query or BAQ that will pull these up so I can create the necessary journal entry to fix it?

I can’t seem to create a query that does this, but then I don’t understand the GL tables very well. It seems like on GLJrnDtl (which is storing the FiscalYear = 2019 and FiscalPeriod = 1) and I should be able to join to APInvDtl (which is storing Apply Date = 12/31/2018, FiscalYear = 2018 and FiscalPeriod = 12) and then compare where the fiscal periods are different and there’s my answer.

I think you need to change the Earliest Apply Date Entry monthly if you want to prevent that…

We do. We should just not have closed the period without closing earliest apply date. But there is no foolproof way of making sure this is done correctly.

Epicor should warn that that period you are posting to is closed.

I figured out the query. I just needed to join APInvHed and GLJrnDtl it seems.

In Company Maintenance (or possibly company config) there is I believe an option that controls this. You can tell it to post to next period, or provide an error.

Actually, it might be in the Book Maintenance screen - if you can’t find it shout and I’ll look it out

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