APCheck - SSRS Formatting

Trying to modify the APCheck so that it works for our check format. The current format of the SSRS APCheck have the detail (invoice detail) at the top and then the footer with the check info such as amount, payee, etc.

Our check format have the check in the middle with the stubs at the top and bottom. I can format it to print the detail at the top and then the footer to print where the check is. However, I need to print the detail at the bottom stub as well and this is where I am running into some issues.

Anyone have any thought how to also get the detail to print at the bottom since the footer is already being use to print the actual check? I cannot add a subreport to the footer.

I tried to use just the body of the report, but running into some challenges. For example, if I have multiple invoices in one check then this moves my check content down and doesn’t align correctly with the check.

Use the body of the report only and (3) rectangles all positioned at 0,0.
First rectangle will hold the AP Invoice Table
Second will have the Check Detail
Third a copy of the AP Invoice Table

With the rectangles all anchored at the same location, the change in data in each does not affect the location of the others. Position the tables/fields in each rectangle so they are located where you want on your check stock.


Nice @bmgarver! My solution was to suggest ACH. :wink:

Thank you. That’s what I tried doing as well, but ran into an issue if I process multiple checks.

The first rectangle had the AP invoice table. The second rectangle have my check detail. I will add the third rectangle for the footer once I can get the middle section to print.

If I process 3 checks, the AP Invoice table printed correctly. However, my check detail will only print on the last page of the 3rd check.

Below is how I have my check setup. I also tried setting up 1 rectangle with multiple rectangle inside of that rectangle and have it set keep the print in one page, but it only print at the end of the last check as well. Am I missing something?

I missed the part where you said to have the rectangles all at position 0, 0. So after I did that, it only print on the first check. Any ideas how I can have that same rectangle repeat for each check number? This is when processing more than 1 check from the same group. If I process 3 checks, it will only print on the first check and the 2 last check doesn’t print the check detail.

Hi! this is how we have it in my company

We are on a SaaS environment so there is no much info showing, but check this

We don’t have much difference, although some times it has to do with the margins?

Thank you for that example.

I got it to work now. I added the AP Invoice table, add a rectangle to the detail row and then group it by check number. Inside of that rectangle, I added the AP Invoice Table again. Then I can add my 2nd rectangle for the check detail. Followed Brian’s suggestion about positioning the rectangle to 0,0. This seems to get what I need.

Thanks for all that helped.

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Hey guys,

Trying to achieve the same scenario with 3 rectangles in the body section like @bmgarver showed but, keep getting aggregate functions added to the fields that I put on the report. If I put them in a TextBox it doesn’t add an aggregate but throws an error that an aggregate function needs to be specified. I do not actually need them to be added as I don’t need to show either First or Sum values for the most of the fields.

Any thoughts why would I not be able to build a template?

Just in case, here is my RDD. I did not modify it though as can get all required fields from a default set up.


This may be helpful to you, and may not. We needed the invoice list details to show in the top two sections, and the check to print at the bottom. SSRS treatment of header/body/footer really makes this a mess, and the standard check format deals with it by using a bunch of very small hidden text boxes and then referencing their values with =reportitems!.. That’s how you get around the aggregate requirements, just reference the value of another textbox that is actually in the group. The other key to getting the second invoice list without causing a bunch of other problems is to remove all those hidden text boxes in the second list Tablix.

Here’s a freebie:
ChkPrint2.rdl (126.8 KB)

I just started using that format this morning, so no warranties.

In my experience in modifying the SSRS check, it is a real pita so do not try to add/delete anything. Hide and/or make the un-needed things, but don’t delete them.
For me personally, I found working with the RDL in a XML text editor to be the gamesaver rather than trying to use the report designer. At least in the XML will show you the parent relationship (rectangles inside of rectangles) and you can manipulate the report objects more easily this way.
Also, don’t mess with the RDD itself. All the data is there, you may just need to modify the query (again inside the RDL XML).
To get the desired result for a multi-format check, I recommend the use of rectangles for keeping things together and sub-reports (you can pass the tableguid and checknum fields). And I can’t stress enough that modifying the XML directly in lieu of the report designer will save you lots of headaches.

Thank you @james and @tomdomurat for your input guys. I will take a look what I can do.

Appreciate it.

Hi, would this option also work if the number of details in the payment don’t fit in 1 page? Have you had this problem? Thank you!

I tested and the form I uploaded actually does not work when the number of details run to the next page. Fortunately for us this never occurs, but some modifications would be needed to make it work that way.


I am facing the same issue as Changchai was facing. Could you please tell me how to show the invoice detail twice (i.e. both top and bottom in your example)?


Once you have the Invoice detail table set up the way you want in the top rectangle, simply copy and paste the detail table into the bottom rectangle and position as desired.

Hi. Thanks for the reply!
I am really new to SSRS so hope my question does not sound too stupid to you. I followed your advice and have copied the detail table. The question is if we print out multiple checks at the same time, all invoices will show up on the first check. Did you have the same issue? If so, how did you solve this?


The report records will need to be grouped by Invoice Number with a page break between.