APcheck total of invoice on remittance portion of the APcheck

The new controller for the company I work for want me to add the total of all the Invoices to the check remittance portion of our checks. I have tried to simply put the check amount total to it but it add the total of all the checks that were being processed. I am still learning how to do SSRS and i am at a loss. any suggestions on how i can make this work?

Well, I guess you could just add the check amount. :person_shrugging:

i tried adding the check amount and it added up all of the checks that she was printing in the batch. not each individual check. then i tied to use the sum of the invoice on each check and it added up all the the invoice totals from the whole batch.

Don’t sum it. It is already the total. Just add it without any aggregation.

Mark thank you very much. it has been a long week catching up from the shut down. i also picked the wrong check amount display.

I used DocCheckAmt to get the total to appear on the remittance. the only issue is the extra number after the decimal. it has 3 instead of 2. how do i make it only show it 2 decimals?