How does Supplier Tracker -> Links -> Invoices -> All -> Exchange Rate field work? the numbers are the same across all the invoices?
I read Field Help and still have no clue why it does not function properly.

I believe before multicurrency was implemented transactions used the ExchangeRate field, however after multicurrency each document has a generated set of chains between the document currency and base/reporting currencies.

ExchangeRate should be the actual rate used between document and base currency, however I do remember some cases where this is not the case. However I believe this field is now used mostly for display purposes, any actual conversion should go through the currency conversion chains.

Can you verify the value is actually the same on the Database either using SQL or a BAQ? If the ExchangeRate on the database is somehow different maybe it could point to a bug in Supplier Tracker.

Hi Jonathan,
I use BAQ to pull ExchangeRate from APInveHed table, its value is the same as in invoice tracker, each invoice has its own exchange rate, and this is the expectation.

However, when I’m in Supplier Tracker, an arbitrary number is displayed for all invoices, I don’t know how this number is calculated.

Yeah this is a bug, it will show the same exchange rate found for the first invoice for all others.

I don’t see a workaround besides doing a BAQ or loading the invoice in Invoice Tracker.

Let me see if this is already reported and if not I’ll report it.

Hi Jonathan,
I have tried to report this, however, the customer rep is reluctant to help saying it’s a customization issue and require additional charge to fix this. I don’t think he understands the issue.
Please help report the bug.

I think the reason they are pointing to a customization is that the column ExchangeRate is hidden.

I have created Jira Ticket ERPS-142409, however considering it is technically a cosmetic issue I can’t really tell you when it could be fixed based on priority.

If you want to see the ExchangeRate as it is on the database I would create a BAQ, the difference between the tracker and the BAQ is that the tracker will use business logic to calculate some External/Calculated fields while the BAQ only retrieves what is on the DB.

You have been a great help. Hope it can be fixed sooner than later!