APInvoiceSvc in REST

Hello, I am starting to use the Rest services of Epicor, but I don’t know if I have to fill all the fields of the APInvoiceSvc service, could you share an example of how you use it?
The development is for an internal process of the company and I have the xml file of the invoice to obtain the necessary data to enter the invoice

Hello Andres!

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The best (and really only) place to start is by doing a trace in the regular UI. Many use the nice Trace Helper Utility

Trace Helper Utility for Epicor ERP 10 - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help)

This will show you what fields are populated in the standard product. Then you can design your customizations to duplicate that process.



All the calls to my knowledge, you don’t have to fill all the fields. But you will need to make some test calls to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s a fair bit of trial and error.

There should be no need for much trial and error if you follow the trace to a T I should work

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Only in a few cases did I have it where I followed the trace log and go the same result as I would in Epicor.

The trace log doesn’t seem to show everything in some cases. I’ve had calls that I followed to the T what Epicor showed in the trace log and it didn’t have the same result.

In the case of reverse cash receipt, I’m doing exactly what the log shows but not getting the same result.

It depends on the call and what you’re trying to do. Some calls it works on the first try. Others I have hours or even days into trying to figure out why, I do it the same way Epicor shows and I get a different result. Only to find out I need to add a field or add an additional call.

I will grant that the “Show only changed fields” sometimes misses a field but I’ve never seen a whole call missed. The Trace Helper reveals the first issue. The application server knows nothing of the caller, especially in REST. What works in one has to work in the other.

When using the browser for Epicor in K21, the browser will become the Trace Utility.

Network features reference - Chrome Developers